Making greeting cards

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When Christmas Eve received your father's gift an apple and a box of chocolate candy, I blame your father why he bought appHong Kong Culturele?How many more are there in the family?Blink of an eye you went to his room, soon took out a card, above crooked written "I wish mom further away from the sick, beaming, apple is the minds of the father, not to eat would be a waste of money, you hurry to eat, and" baby grew up, that night, excited mother almost insomnia?Baby's careful, my mother I was too late!Sometimes all think, baby is too good and careful, what kind of girl in the future, will be suitable for your character?To think a little bit long, the road to the future, as parents we not to interfere too much, the principle of self love, to choose their favorite professional, like, liking it, is our biggest wish!Now the mother hope you can live well now every day, you said you like the freedom of space, which I will not stand in your way, but the mother hopes that you can close to a good number of boys, froVeda Salonm others can learn better knowledge, and not blindly do self!When you grow up, you should know that people who are close to the positive energy and complain about the life of all kinds of people will have a great contrast!Before I knew it, I felt like I was a little bit more!You should say I wordily, and hark back to the subject, the exam tomorrow, peace of mind, guard against arrogance and rateco electric motor manufacturersshness, normal play is good, whether you take an examination of what kind of result, I will frankly face!Once the results are not representative of what, settle good attitude is the most important prerequisite!Baby let go of the burden of it, my mother this life will always be proud of you!






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