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than the now popular on the street, if approved by a lot of treasure. Awfully

Open the door and forget to close the door. I do not know when to break into a puppy, the golden haired, big head, shook his tail, cute. The dogs are not afraid of people, and we are ripe, play a good while, son excitedly laugh. Master to seek, and quickly return. And threenexe dog to play for a long time, but also do not feed. Awfully

Please friends home to tea, Guyu before the Laoshan green. A friend picked up the glass, full of praise. I get a pot of water, found that tea is not wrong, but is Laoshan green, Mount Huangshan Mao feng. A friend is not found, look at the tea concentrate. Awfully

Parents of the old house to thereenexdemolition, and quickly ran back to the car. The old photo albums were found in the debris, the first one is the primary school graduation photo, a row of girls standing on the playground, smiley face, each face like flowers in spring, I the smallest, standing at the end. Do not know if we are not good, pick updermesthe phone a fight over the past, the people are well. Awfully

A friend to call, in case of emergency loans, make friends back at a loss. Put down the phone on the trot rushed to the bank, check balances, enough to lend a friend. But the feeling is rich, the richest in the world. Awfully

A walk in the evening, I saw a woman holding an old man, the old man dragged a leg, walking slowly, moving every inch is very difficult. I think the parents are still alive, is happy to travel everywhere. I am, near middle age, all the limbs are in, the body is healthy. Awfully






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