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the center of the old city, the second day in the morning, the mother played very early. My mother walked out of the hotel, and turned to see Baota Mountain, towering pagoda again to greet our arrival. Yanhe River Bridge has accepted the comings and goings of traffic and pedestrians, and two people stroll along the riverside park, watching the river water flowing water, such as the Yellow River water Buqing Che like opacity, which strBo Ying Compound Eu Yan Sangetches through rivers in the Northern Shaanxi plateau, mother gave birth to the earth people, witnessed the most glorious revolution China inflection point. On the fence, watching the Yan River, I can't help recall the father and mother of the hardships of life, efforts to restore the three of us in the Yanhe River Bridge scene, want to ask God to let his father to come back to us, look at the changes in Yanan in the past and present, tears filled the eyes, worry about the impact of the mother's mood, quickly proposed in Yanan bridge photo, the old man delighted.

Through the underground passage, I just want to help her, her warm hand and covered with calluses, has held tightly to my hand, and said softly: careful! Suddenly, a warm suddBo Ying Compound Eu Yan Sangenly spread throughout the body. Is really the son of a thousand Li mother worry, are nearly 50 years old people, in front of the mother or child. The song "Liu Hegang pulled her hand" can linger in the ears, "once again took her mother's hand / my heart afflictive / mother / mother bent her head white / suffer / mother to go / I want to go with your back / pulled her hand / tears streaming down althoughBo Ying Compound Eu Yan Sang the hands / rough / the most gentle but she pulled her hand / / / don't loosen the happiness in the heart the most beautiful".






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