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All is like the ancients, not with Yan, Kimi Ko "first and worry about the world, after the world music". Follow the Fan Zhongyan's eyeshong thai travel, look at my country and my people, also do not knowwhether they are happy or sad, merits and demerits: my people have ample food and clothing to spare, foot also gratifying. And live and work in peace and contentment, than the Nordic cold secluded place some small Shangqie not, to my Chinese fertile fertile soil, it not sad Zai! My view of the country, get rid of imperial rule, waikou burning and looting, such as from the mire to earn how gratifying; and in the road to political Qingming, people's peaceful but messy, strugglinghong thai travel, watch your opponents with a light step, run, how sad!

Thought of here, the heart suddenly emerged from the great master Hongyi dying "joys and sorrows", chant this is perhaps the ultimate answer? When the moon Tianxin, clarity of heart, full of Hua Chi, the joy of life is so pure, but if there is no feelings of compassion and concern for the fate of the chest, the joy is how frivolous! And when saved may all sentient beings such as the wish of my joyhong thai travel, pregnant with compassion, nianhuaweixiao, and enjoy how deep joy ah!

Think it over and over again, happiness, that may be through thousands of trouble, see primrose, can still feel good.






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