If time goes back

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Does anyone remember Susanna purple magic shining blue lightMeeting Place in Hong Kong.Those are connected in time, beam weaving grief, despair, sadness may have already in the life of a cycle is enormous time and I do not know the cease gear milling.A dust like onion generally, withered in the rain and overlapping years.And all human emotions, even one of the differential is not.In the eternal time, no one will see she will bloom in the drowned world results.Have you ever seen a flower growing on a cement floor, a small fish that you saw in the waste water.I strapped linger in the thin cool world.Looking at the world of fireworks scattered and opened, opened and scattered.But never tried to find a ray of warmth from the dust.

Have been complaining for a while.Complain about a person's life.And then began to rejoice.If not alone, how can I know so many people do not know.I have been saying that there will not be the end of the word, if it continues to say, perhaps a bit boring.But the fact that so many people know.I'm still alone effort but thrive in this city.Maybe the pressure of the growth of the time when they bear alone will feel heavy, but no painТурпакеты.Really no pain.It seems like a long time ago, I began to feel pain, whether it is the pain of the body, or the pain.Many years later, I gradually began to forget those who have hidden rustling in the physical pain.Forget that they used to be in my body and heart.And the time is not slow down a step, I looked at him without expression, the pain in my heart as before the grand grand, but they do not know.But after a long time when suddenly think of it felt slightly sad tocreative primary school kindergarten-That encourage children to actively participate in daily experiences, including discovery and creative learning; designed to nurture and promote social, emotional and physical, as well as cognitive and language development..






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