Tofu Bangzi sound

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Always with acoustic emission for Bangzi slobber, mother gave me a tile beans or beans to replace tofu. To do this job, always have the intention, in order to change the way in the tofu first broke a snack. I have suffered because of the selfish behavior. of brother sister ", of course, I finally dDR REBORNenounced for rescue or mother. In no fish egg days, tofu is a rare delicacy in the eyes of adults and children seongchan. Often to eat a piece of bean curd for happiness, a piece of bean curd will be able to eat a face of laughter, full of joy.

In order for us to eat enough, every year the twelfth lunar month about twenty of the time, the mother is ready to make tofu. Beans are the mother of a fine pick up the day before the evening, to find a large basin, the beans rinse, soak in the water in the evening, the expansion of soybeans a lot more than the original. Dad from my second uncle's home to borrow a small stone, a small stone is two pieces of stone rouOoMs Oriolend disk, the diameter has a foot and a half, grinding in grinding shaft and fan center has a hole, is fed into the beans into the hole. Grinding in grinding shaft, two pieces of disc is a circle of stone tooth, the rotation of a disc, soya bean milk from the grinding disc inside flow out. There is a place on the edge of the iron disc disc, leaving a hole, this is the tool for grinding tofu. The second dareenexy in the morning, the day dawn, mother got up early. Father to the hole of the iron disc in two wide bench, and put the small stone mill on the iron plate, the hole at the put bucket is used for containing milk. Father mother mills, Tim bean. Dad, two legs open, stand in a horse, the body forces gathered in his arms, with the body one swing, stone is a circle a circle to rotate; mother to control the proportion of water and beans, must be sharp sighted or beans went to Moyan outside the. Grinding beans for many years, two people with a considerable understanding. Accompanied by rhythmic "Moji grinding grumble" sound, Douzhi along the along wall bubbling and stone, bean fragrant and along the outlet flowing into the bucket.






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