A girl loves to laugh.

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Laugh a little, is called "smile"". There are times when the instructors face smile, she looked up and asked the instructor unbearable, the sun. Not far away, I saw a little girl, looked a little head, looking at the sun. So there was a man who smiled at tBest Restaurants in Hong Konghe sun.

5 one military instructor said that the evening of military training to drink a few bottles of wine, why? Give yourself up, think we need scattered around, he screeched we set. When we put the beast, but that we organized a purpose, already lined up waiting.

6 a woman tough up is nVeda Salonot the general terror. The last night, the woman even formed a circle, the 3 instructors around the middle, sitting on the grass chat. I saw her come swaggeringly toward a walking instructor, instructor back again and again, the momentum is not covered. Perhaps, this is the origin of 3 instructors for each big brother, two brothers and Sha Shidi, small white dragon go?

7 I even have a special group, the Ministry has been lucky to become one of them, when the special forces, with a total of brothers in trouble. Triumph of the time, from one of the inteco 24 volt dc motorsstructors to leave to go to the other instructors there reports, said: "we graduated from the." Special career ending.

8. A day quanlian station junzi, in which the instructor of a shuttle, said: "I heard you people in the bedroom, claiming to be" Guangxi sister-in-law (instructor of a surname GUI) ', which is ah, say not to pursue. " A moment of laughter, laughter. Recess, the fun of little beggar for "Guangxi sister-in-law", beggars helpless ah, Guangxi instructors to find her the most trouble, he also said her little beggars.






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