The twenty-four season

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With the national day and day of the traditional culture of the festival - the spring festival. Luoxia Hong is Langzhong, Langzhong is the birthplace of China Spring Festival, the peoplOriole Mavise China Luoxia Hong elderly "spring festival". The Northern Song Dynasty astronomer Zhang Heng ten is developed on the basis of Luoxia Hong armillary sphere.

Jinping mountain halfway line, many temples of humanity. Main hall, Maitreya smile monk smiled overlooking the ancient city; Du Fu Temple, Shisheng demeanour of a transcendent being hand choke ink, cynical, comment on the ills of mountains and rivers, he took his wife refuge in Sichuan ten years, Ju Langzhong seven years, want to coreenexmfort the stirrings of tagging articles, Elysium leave poem 70; feelings of Qiu Jin handwriting, full wall of the float in the sky. Zhang Xian came to the temple, see the statue of majestic-looking. Tells the story of the Northern Song Dynasty gold anti hero Yue Fei and his lieutenant Zhang Xian strikes, bravely against the enemy, is doveish Qin Kuai framed imprisonment, isoreenexpentenyltransferase fear alternate intimidation and bribery, and commanding general Yue Fei killed along disturbance Pavilion, achievement a hero story. Zhang Xian hung on the wall of the story, sketch coloring. Zhang Xian was in Langzhong, he built a shrine to pay homage to the hometown people. Beilin temple, Guanyin Tang Wu Daozi like, Lu You's cultivation picture, modern tiger crazy Zhang Shanzai tiger stone, left the poet poetry, Brasenia schreberi description, stone black white, delicate, flying mood of poetry and, to the people of ancient quiet nostalgia feelings.






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