Autumn and winter so far

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Accompanied by beautiful scenery.Spring and summer flowers blooming like a piece of brocade emerald castle, birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers; spring streams; fresh intoxicating autumn redBo Ying Compound Eu Yan SangHuang Lvhei each other, chestnut, persimmon is also fruitful; even in the winter season, the white snow all over the mountains and plains, more can make people relax, open mind, swig local roast wine, taste authentic chicken, bacon and tofu, drunk and wanggui.

Artificial dug out along the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs winding terrace, and pick up order, three, five after turning, gently pushed a fan of Shimen, in front of the scene is surprised to find everything fresh and new.

At an altitude of 1400 meters high on the cliff top, about the size of the venue acres, impressively stands in a circle of ancient buildings, the size of the house I will make full use of the natural level, well-proportioned, coordinated and perfect, clever and full of mystery.Bo Ying Compound Eu Yan SangPreserved in the main hall of a wing of more than 10, all materials of stone carving leiqi.

Both sides were standing of the Stupa, temple, incense are piece of stone, stone ball and frame.That piece of exquisite workmanship cliff, Shimen, stone tiles, stone eaves, stone ridge, Shimen stone carving frame. member are amazing.The original, it is rare.

The temple around the hillside, otherwise destroyed through multiple Duanbi residual.After the wall will build on the cliff edge, and cliff wall competing homogeneous phase, is unavoidable then I do not know how to shudder with fear, construction.TBo Ying Compound Eu Yan Sanghe ancient people does not destroy the original Yamagata landform. in extremely, completely under the mountain change and build, and achieved double best overall layout and practical.The framework of this series of pure architecture, is the ancient stone wood structure building masterpiece, has been highly praised by people, so it has become a great spectacle of the Longshan Temple founder kim.






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