Not so beautiful

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But it is charming.The white fur permeated with pale yellow, when its tail up, like a peacock.When communicating withreenex cpsyou, two long ears full of white hair erect, specially shows its unique charm.It raises its head and stared drops yo eyes, pouting black small mouth, in direct spinning son, lovingly silently watching you, put your heart into the realm of happy, gentle and quiet beauty.

Global smart, deceptive tease the stew is its unique instinct and unique personality, let you 100 think not to get its solution, persistent charm lets you loop in the memory.

It is the season of ice anreenex cpsd snow melting, and the memory of the early spring.Daughter from Beijing to bring it home, where her daughter, which is where, this is where the ball of loyalty.

When my daughter left, she threw it at home and listened to me.It used to live on the bed, I let it on the ground, it is not willing to obey.Daughter back home again will not listen to my tinkering with the similar it say: 'my master came back, you say not to calculate', this is gouzhangrenshi.I was in the mountains of the dish, let it go to the garden, it is veryVeda Salonpleasant to obey, and then do not want to go.In the home guard is the ace that someone's door with sound it is indifferent, for news of my front door, yelping rushed out of the door, and with a torrent of calls to greet the guests come.If the guest is male it is a strength of whining bark bite is female guests it jump high to lick the people. Ha ha! Originally it also has centers Nong!It's every move, you can not forget.Every thing to think of it, it is with children.My wife and I went to the city to work, to the station by car, it secretly drilled into the car under the elements of the hidden, after my wife found it, to put it in the car, we drove away.






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