Ali jingdong and the wine companies

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Ali jingdong and the wine companies to clean the spark block chain technology to take the lead.

The authenticity of liquor has always been a matter of great concern to consumers. Many wine companies have poured a lot of painstaking efforts into the product traceability verification, but it is still very difficult. For example, a bottle of wine with an electronic tag is true, but the wine inside is fake. Besides, the better the paper is, the easier it is for counterfeiters to take it off. Therefore, the paper should be made of fragile paper, and no tool can be transferred by the counterfeiter... Even so, there is still no big breakthrough for baijiu companies.

In order to take a break, the national wine maotai cooperated with ant financial, hoping to solve the problem through the block chain technology. "Securities daily" reporters learned that the end of last year, the ant gold suit and Chinese wine maotai reached cooperation, maotai do quality goods, with the help of block chain technology is currently in beta testing debugging, will soon be full.

According to introducing, the ant gold will give for maotai maotai themselves about RFD anti-fake bottle cap, including the new design of qr code, including plain code and code, including tracing the source, the design of the paper, the traced back to the source code is metastatic goods, from the physical binding binding technology and chain blocks, in order to achieve block physical goods credible traceability service chain.

"The decentralization of the block chain determines the openness and equality of the joint maintenance data of many nodes. The data stability of block chain is higher, which is untamable and non-repudiation. In addition, anyone can query the data in the open interface, share and exchange data in the system, and thus maintain the high-speed openness and transparency of the system information. The head of ant financial services told the securities daily.

On top of that, the reporter found that the baijiu company that wanted to hitch a ride on the block chain technology was not only the maotai family.

In June 2017, yanghe and jingdong signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in every aspect, hope with the help of jingdong quality goods traceability technology, follows the dream of the blue. Manual class product circulation process. It is understood that the consumer can through the use of the upgraded version of the android jingdong APP scans RFID anti-counterfeit labels or in the client jingdong order details page to check the quality traceability information, you can see from this bottle of wine brewing, the whole process of production, circulation information, including but not limited to trace code, block chain code, the query number, country of origin, distribution, production date, out of the storehouse time to sign for time, etc.

At the same time, another liquor brand wuliangye (000858) also announced a strategic cooperation with IBM on December 27, 2017. Wuliangye said, will use the IBM's leading cloud computing, big data, chain blocks, artificial intelligence technology, such as in liquor and big machinery, packaging, logistics, great health, financial, artificial intelligence, and other fields to carry out in-depth cooperation, booster wuliangye the whole management system of digital transformation and industrial upgrading of development, business model innovation.

Some analysts believe that block chain technology will not fundamentally change the wine companies operating mode, but regardless of the final block chain technology can be applied in the liquor anti-counterfeit, its value can not be ignored.

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