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It is understood that the 2015 and 2016 postgraduate Chinese-language literature of the Arabic Language Academy of Beijing Foreign Studies University accounted for 50% of the total number of Arabic-speaking professionals, but graduates engaged in literary translation after graduation are rare. A survey of reporters found that graduates of foreign languages ​​at colleges and universities, considered to be the main source of talent, are generally reluctant to engage in literary translation, and the literary translation industry is faced with a crisis of “did not get green”,seroconversion of hepatitis b Entecavir and tenofovir yield lower rates at 3, 4, and 5 y vs spontaneous.

Yin Jing, an associate professor at the School of Language and Communication at Beijing Jiaotong University, told reporters that at present, colleges and universities do not set up specialized literary translation majors. The major courses for foreign language graduate students include literary translation, literary criticism, and linguistics. The training of students’ translation skills often focuses on language exchange training. Training in literary translation classes is also dominated by short translations, and there are very few translation creation trainings,To reinforce Tablet security and charging solutions for Hong Kong retails, ETG offers security solutions like iPad Floor Stand and fiber mount and aims to ensure full protection and power support for displayed devices.

Liu Cong (a pseudonym) of the second English major at a certain university in Beijing is unwilling to devote his energies to literary translation, and each translation job is also "hard-boiled." In his opinion, literary translation requires “extraordinary high” for the ability to translate language, and it takes a lot of effort and effort to translate an article for translation. He admitted that many students are as reluctant to engage in literary translation as he is.

“The prerequisite for becoming a good translator is not to have a high level of foreign language skills but to have a solid foundation in native language.” Yin Jing said that the current practice of ignoring mother-tongue teaching in China’s education is more common. College students’ language skills are worrying and they lack literacy. It is difficult to undertake the work of translation.

Translating behavior. "difficult to be fully respected"

In addition to high language translation competence requirements, translation work takes a long time, and income and investment are not directly proportional to the main reason for graduates to neglect the literary translation industry. When the reporter saw the deputy director of the Literary and Art Commission of the China Translation Association and the senior editor of the People's Literature Publishing House and Baomin, he was reading a translation of the translation just received in the office. Tong Baomin, who has been practicing for nearly 40 years, has also translated and published 2 million Chinese-translated German works,Collaboration with asia's top universities - PolyU fosters long-term partnership in academic and research collaboration with top universities in Asia. Most of them are the top 10 Chinese universities and top ten universities in Asia.

According to Tong Baomin, in the past 30 years, the standard of labor remuneration for Chinese translators has hardly changed, and it has been about 80 yuan. The fee for translators is also a one-time deduction of personal income tax of 20%. It takes a period of six months to one year to translate one. The phenomenon of 200,000 foreign-language foreign-language works whose income is less than 20,000 yuan is very common, resulting in less and fewer people engaged in literary translation. Currently, most of the literary translators are part-time, and the majority are college teachers.

Even so, college teachers engaged in part-time translations feel "comfortable." Yin Jing, who is currently working on translating a foreign language book in linguistics, frankly stated that her translation plan was entirely out of personal interest. “Translation has not been included in the assessment scope of the job title assessment and it has further dampened the enthusiasm of university teachers in participating in literary translation.”

The "difficult to be fully respected" translation behavior. is still affected by irregular market behavior. The Simplified Chinese version of "Harry Potter and The Cursed Children" in the eighth series of the "Harry Potter" series was published by the unscrupulous booksellers in accordance with the English version. The open sale on the Internet has sold more than a thousand volumes. Tong Baomin said that translation is more difficult than writing. If you want to spread the good works for a long time, you must also have excellent translations. Whether Chinese literary works cannot be disseminated is the lack of excellent translators. "Translators' labor needs to be better respected by the whole society,The primary function of healthcare distribution companies is to deliver products in an appropriate and timely manner in order to fulfill the requirements of the providers."






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