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An exciting biology lesson

"As many years ago, the United States put GM foods as commodities. Over 90% of the soybeans are genetically modified soybeans. Americans consume an average of 45 kilograms of GM foods every year. For so many years, no one has problems with GM foods. This shows that GM foods are Safe. "The square throws a point of viewwine course in hk.

"We do not support the widespread promotion of genetically modified foods. Since China began to use GM testing technology in the early 1990s, this technology is certainly not mature. Instead of using genetically modified foods, it is not panic. It is more comprehensive and only More comprehensive and better, in order to ensure more human food safety. "Contrary to refute.

"With the development of science and technology, transgenes come to our world, we can not because it is a new technology because of unspeakable, because of fear, so we scoff." Square continue ...

A debate on "Biosafety and ethical issues" was taking place intensely in a biology class at a class of sophomore in Beijing's 11th schoolDr protalk.

The class of more than 40 students was divided into two teams to sit around, breaking the original seating order, the students have a hand holding a stack of information and hand cards, ready to counterattack each other's point of view. In the corner of the classroom, the biology teacher Wang Chun Yi calmly watched from time to time to write down the wonderful point of view. Only when the bell rang in get out of class had to endure still heated resentment: "My classmates, today I met everyone outside the classroom Style, I would like to support the square for a while, for a while want to support the other side, your language is sharp, quick thinking, I can not intercourse, catching up with your ideas. Perhaps we have not yet happy, but through this debate, we triggered biotechnology In the future, no matter what kind of work you do, we must use our knowledge and moral conscience to do a good job of our own work. "

Give more time back to students

"This course is not an exam at all, has nothing to do with the college entrance examination .But students are very interested, because their study of the subjectivity has been played." After class, Wang Chun Yi told reporters that she had never attended such a class before, at the beginning Two minutes and finally an end. "For many years before, I especially enjoyed my class, how to read it, how to make my point of knowledge easy to understand, and each step devoted a lot of effort,The new PolyU e Admission portal is a one-stop platform. aimed at handling applications of universitydegree courses. With PolyU e Admission, the application process is refined into three simple steps."

Before was the teacher "I want to say", now is the student "want me to say", a slight change, has brought the enormous change in the classroom. At the moment when exam-oriented education is still in a strong state, Wang Chunyi has undergone tremendous pressure and questioning at the initial stage of the reform. A student feedback, I was specifically to listen to Wang's class, why do not you speak? Some parents question, is not to take the child to do the test? However, as a teaching person, she said she was "very lucky". Because her teaching innovation coincided with the start of a new round of educational reform. in the country, but also because she met an equally diligent principal Li Xigui.

With more than 30 years of educational experience, Li Xigui has always been pursuing the ideal of "letting children breathe freely and develop independently." Under the leadership of Li Xigui, all teachers in the 11 schools "do one thing with all their time" - "looking for a school, looking for that original school, looking for the school the kid likes, looking for the one that leads the child's health toward society SCHOOL".

In 2008, the 11th School proposed the concept of "Year of Class Growth", the most important of which is to change the previous teaching methods. Li Xigui put forward the idea that "the classroom is the place where students study, not the place where teachers show themselves" and give more time to students.






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