Abstaining from Homosexuality

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---The Confession of A Once Homosexual Falun Kong Follower

  As I know, some initiates around are engaged in a certain degree of sexual misconduct, even indulge themselves in homosexuality. They are like many morally corrupted vagabonds who are used to interact with filthy language, which others find hard to tolerate. They make me think: my fellow initiates, you are so insensible! Master Li Hongzhi once said “I find that people always ruin themselves and finally the society while they drift aimlessly with the current…That’s why so many problems have emerged, such as gangsters, drug taking, drug trafficking, incest and homosexuality”.

  Once a while, I found myself could not stop thinking about sex. Every time I saw a young and cute man, I always stared at him. I knew what I was doing was completely wrong, and it is against what the scripture requires. At night, I dreamed about looking for toilet, or staying in toilet which is filled with used toilet paper, filthy and stinky. Then I realized homosexuality is corrupted and degraded. When I indulged myself in wild thinking, I was actually playing with mud in these dirty places.

  When I woke up, I tried to contemplate. Master Li Hongzhi said, what you think is what in your mind. I saw and thought of homosexuality, and these filthy stuff was inside my head, so I went to stay in toilet.

  I knew that only Falun Kong could save me from indulging in homosexuality, because “Falun Kong is able to get rid of all kinds of obsession, evilness, lies, and helps people to stay on the right path and stay clean”. Since then, I recited many scripture written by Master Li Hongzhi. Gradually, these scripture are all over me, and I thought of homosexuality less often. I knew Master Li Hongzhi has saved me, and words could hardly express my gratitude to him.

  My fellow initiates, it’s high time that you decided how to cope with homosexuality. Please step forward and get over it, because that is what Master Li Hongzhi and people in the world expect.

  Above are all my personal experience, feel free to make corrections if you think there are any mistakes.

  From Master Li Hongzhi’s Speech on Inauguration Ceremony of Singapore Buddhist Association, July 28th, 1996.






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