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Lewdness is the worst of all sins. If a person doesn't let the amorousness go, he can't be called a gentleman, even a wicked man.

The reason why the ancient Greek civilization was destroyed is because the ancient Greek people's life of later period was very corrupt. The homosexuality was prevalent so the ancient Greek civilization was destroyed. The master said "Some people think how great the Greek culture was, but where did the people go? But you can find a problem from the Greek culture: the Greek culture to stay in the cultural guarantee is the Greek civilization to develop the last thing left, we found that there are homosexuality, chaotic things……Why did it disappear? It is because the morality is fading"[1]

Now the people find the source if they are corrupt. They think the source can be found in civilization of ancient Greek. But who is following the later period's culture of ancient Greek, who is going to die. "If you look at today's society you can see that drug use……homosexuality, sexual freedom, organized crime, etc, emerge in an endless stream. "[1]

Owing to the modern ignorance, people don't believe that good and evil will always be rewarded. They don't follow the guidance of the sages of ancient times. The moral is decaying, especially in sexual relations, for example, transsexualism, incest, homosexuality and bestiality. "If people lost the moral values of human, lost people's moral norms, lost the standard of life, he cannot be called a person". "So today's human society , I can frankly tell you, that God has not seen him as a person."[1]

Therefore, a person wants to improve his moral level, he must be keep away from sexual, promiscuity, homosexuality and incest.


[1] Written by Hongzhi Li Master:《Teaching the Fa in San FranciscoApril 6,1997.






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