Dirty Homosexuality will be Eliminated

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  According to ancient men: it is improper for men and women to touch each other's hand in passing objects. The promiscuity and homosexuality are regarded as sins. However, the morality of modern human is decayed in general. It is no shame for them to satisfy the sexual desire, even having homosexuality. This shows that the difference of level of human morality is totally different. The master said, "The practitioners have found a situation in which human beings are extremely corrupt whenever human beings are in a dangerous situation or when they are eliminated by history."[1]

In fact, it is shocked by the decay of human is morality in modern times: they take all means to achieve their goals; they kill the other people for money, use money to buy people's life; and have homosexuality and take drugs, etc. In this deformed society, many people is either homosexual and self-injury or deprementia and obsessive- compulsive disorder. These extreme psychological defects are mental illness. Especially the homosexual is dirty and should be eliminate. The master said, "People found that there was homosexuality in the civilized and unearthed cultural relics, and the life was very corrupt, degenerate at that time……When he developed into the late period of corruption, he is going to die. So the Gods destroy him, and leave a good person and develop him in a new way. "[2]

People in the world don't know that thehomosexuality will give rise to the cascading collapse of social cells. The author wants to inform. the homosexual that: you should give up the evil thought, and you will be eliminated if you do the wrong thing. Hope the men and the women in the wrong way could turn the evil into the good. And you will achieve the God's love and take the chance of rebirth.


[1] Written by Hongzhi Li Master
:《Teaching the Fa in San FranciscoApril 6,1997.

[2] Written by Hongzhi Li Master:《Teaching the Fa at the conference in EuropeMay 30-31,1998 inFrankfurt.






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