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Old vine tree after one hundred years of elegance, of life, the years trace, on a clear tree represents not only the length of time, but the connotation of the brewing time. People, too, to see the time slip away under the tip of the finger, the years disappear in the world, they cannot help but, finally leave too much regret in time, I think, no matter how things change, how long, don't let time old and the young heart, while the body and mind is not old, in the life of long distance all the way forward, even if you don't have to reach the desired end point, at least on the way forward, we see several road landscape, much a life experience.

Like to open the season in the afternoon, the wind struck and moaning whinge-bags window, reliance sit by the window, let the warm sunlight through the short window, as in the body, let into the wind sail disorderly hair, mood and happy everywhere. Brought a cup of coffee and a half thick and light vanished, slowly taste it after bitter flavour, picked up a thin bone penholder, open and precipitation by years, this proverb, A Bar mind wandering in free in the emotion, in love and hate shallow ink, joy and grief. Finally own mood, not to's touched and tears, not to Murray sad and worry a lot, for a number of days after, can hold the book, back to the precious memories and tears, I think, this is the time for us the most precious things.

Like this beautiful season, dancing youth. Veda Salon Who is on the branches of spring sowing hope, in the autumn harvest happiness on the branches, who is in the spring of the earth flying dream, in the autumn harvest success in the field. Look at a picture, read a poem is the mood also is cheerful, bubbling streams, the artistic conception of Bridges , desert solitary smoke, stay in the scenery scenery beyond the Great Wall. Good things should not only use eyes to see, but also attentively to feel, the eyes see is like outside, and heart feel the artistic conception.

At the time of the corner, watching tide tide,Veda Salon people are busy. This world is the most valuable language to the praise of others, sometimes, a words of encouragement to others, can make others turn adversity of life. The most beautiful scenery, not the maldives water sunset, silvery white beach, also not palm-fringed beaches in Hawaii, pleasant climate, but people warm heart smile. One day, you will find that life has warm, mostly to in others with smile on his face. Tidy up the mood, showing a sweet smile, for others, for yourself, as time is flowing quietly, my heart of enron, the mo tube youth footsteps away...






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