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Hong Kong police chief admits the city’s protection fence lies ‘some distance’ inside the actual border with mainland China
Stephen Lo said the fence’s place was firm prior to now centered on the terrain alongside the border
He also acknowledged the pressure experienced not not long ago crossed the barrier to carry out checks since it noticed ‘no operational need’
Hong Kong law enforcement main Stephen Lo Wai-chung admitted on Saturday that fences built for border protection remained some distance through the genuine boundary with the mainland. Nevertheless, he

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shrugged off inquiries as
as to whether the force need to go ahead and take blame for not understanding mainland Chinese officers around the other facet had converted Hong Kong land right into a backyard garden without the need of

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permission 6 years in the past.
He also admitted that officers experienced not not long ago crossed the barrier to carry out stability checks since they had seen no operational want.

Lo’s remark came following the city’s chief Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor unveiled the Hong Kong and Shenzhen governments were being locked in a border dispute, each side having a unique knowledge of how it
ought to be drawn.

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The city’s land officials may well also stage up monitoring of your border by using aerial images.

“Concerning this incident, there exists in truth Hong Kong land lying outside the house the fence … In between the fence and also the true boundary, there exists still a distance in certain locations,” Lo

advised reporters as he touched on
the controversy for the first time, six days just after it had been exposed.
Lo mentioned that when authorities built the fences, the emplacement was primarily based within the terrain along the border, geo-exploration along with the engineering engineering with the day.

police officers patrolled alongside the fences to capture people coming into illegally also to fight cross-border crimes for example smuggling, Lo extra. They might only cross the barrier if intelligence 

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confirmed an
operational have to have. “Recently we've not received these kinds of intelligence or observed the need to do so.”

He stressed that spotlights, CCTV cameras and sensor detectors had been installed along the fences to monitor the barrier’s integrity around the clock.

Requested if the power must confess accountability for that intrusion, Lo only claimed that law enforcement would assessment patrolling system alongside Hong Kong’s borders.


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as to whether the power should take the blame

Hong Kong law enforcement chief admits






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