We look forward to it all year

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Or I guess I should probably be saying good afternoon because by the time I finish writing and uploading all this, that’ll probably be where the day’s at.  I’m a little later than usual with my posting today.

Yesterday was my kids’ first day of camp.  Woo-hoo!!!  Aaaaaalllll the things I had been putting off for weeks (months even!) got done yesterday.  I’m not talking blog stuff, I do that all the time.  I’m talking stuff that actually gets me out of my house and in the fresh air a little bit.  I’m talking fun stuff that takes more than an hour, if you really want to do it right.  I’m talking shopping ;)

My little guy is only in school for a couple of hours a day which suuuuuucks!!!  Sucks for me because it feels like no sooner have I dropped him off than it’s time to go get him again, but also way sucks for him because he’s SO ready for SO much more than that.  But money, boo!  Our school district doesn’t even have full day kindergarten so if you want it, you have to do private and -ugh.  We’ve already been paying so much for preschool.  We might have to just suck it up because child is bouncing off the walls at 10:00 at night and he seriously just NEEDS it.  We’ll see come Fall but for now there is day camp which is like the best thing ever for both my guys.  They do so many fun things all day long, like swimming, horseback riding, arts and crafts, all the sports, zip lining, you name it.  They come home tired and happy and I’m so glad they can finally enjoy this!  We look forward to it all year.

And I love having a little extra time to myself, to slow down, focus more on the blog, and even get in a little fun here and there.  Like yesterday’s shopping excursion.  It felt so good to get out and browse a little bit.  I was all over creation, looking for summer clothing and shoes for my two, plus my niece and nephew.  It was a gorgeous day to be out and about and it was a lot of walking.  Am I really this out of shape that my back and legs are sore from shopping???  Anyhow they are.  Probably because I was wearing flip-flops.  I’m noticing more and more about how my shoes affect how I feel and I’m not talking vanity.  I actually bought myself a pair of Dansko clogs (in “Ruby Anaconda,” ’cause that’s how I roll) to wear around the kitchen a few months ago, and they are god-awful ugly-as-sin but my back thanks me every day.  Now that it’s summer though I can’t really wear them as much, so I need to find a summer shoe that offers the same kind of support.  I’m considering these, what do you guys think?  I know they aren’t the sexiest but I keep hearing about how this style. is having its moment right now.

Anyhow enough with the shopping chatter we should really get down to business here.  This recipe has been waiting long enough!

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