• 改變一生的閃念

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    那是一個老師告訴我的故事,至今仍珍藏在心裏,讓自己明白在人世間,其實不應該放過每一個能夠幫助別人的機會。 多年前的一天,這位老師正在家裏睡午覺,突然,電話鈴響了,她接過來一聽,裏面卻傳來一個陌生粗暴的聲音:“你家的小孩偷書,現在被我們抓住了,你快來啊!”在話筒裏傳來一個小女孩的哭鬧聲和旁邊人的呵斥聲。她回頭看著正在看電... ...全文

  • 山境如幻松柏林

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       幻 山境如幻松柏林 路徑槐木一陣馡 雲靄濛濛隨風轉雨水漉漉早返初 ...全文

  • first on the great crystal

    through 發表於 2017-03-22

    If you did like me, it looks like you would take my hand. I wish you would.”There!” Galt forced a laugh as he took the soft, pulsating little fingers into his. As flesh touched flesh a thrill as of new life throbbed and bounded through him, and again he had the yearning to clasp his son to his bre... ...全文

  • 今年廣東省考3年來最“熱” 平均24人爭1個職位(圖)

    boxmax 發表於 2017-03-22

      今年廣東省考3年來最“熱”,平均24人爭1個職位  1個崗位有24人競爭,今年省考的競爭真是激烈。近日,2017年廣東省公務員考試最終報名人數出爐。據統計,今年省考招錄人數為14412人,共有341192人成功繳費,繳費人數比去年增加21143人,競爭激烈程度比去年、前年更甚。  新快報記者瞭解到,今年省考最“熱門”的職位為惠州... ...全文

  • 垃圾徵費說時易 違規執法做時難

    nidurs 發表於 2017-03-22

    不少地方實施垃圾徵費後減廢效果明顯,如台灣的垃圾棄置量十年間減少六成半,羨煞旁人。不過,各處鄉村各處例,一方水土一方人,儘管港府希望本港實施垃圾徵費後減廢四成,但實際上恐怕無法如此樂觀,有環保團體及區議員擔心當局配套不足兼執法不力,隨時造成垃圾圍城,顯然不是杞人憂天。港府日前公布垃圾徵費細節,平均每戶收費約三十三至五十... ...全文


    shangrajian 發表於 2017-03-22

    Assistants in Shops.—I do not think it is generally known how valid the claim of the girls employed by the large linendrapers is to the much-disputed title of "young lady." At all the houses where I have inquired, I find that a large proportion of the girls are daughters of professional men, the fa... ...全文

  • 【天邊海角。。。深夜系列】

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    yishizhe 發表於 2017-03-20

    At first Wall Street thought that Silas Shaw’s “religiousness” was an affectation. What purpose the Old Man desired to serve by the calculated notoriety of his church affiliations no one could tell. It is true that many ingenious theories were advanced, some going so far as to hint at repentance.... ...全文

  • 【積極】與【消極】的距離。。。

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    這是真實的案例!2015年初、我和林桑一起去旗津吃海鮮,路過紅燈碼頭附近,看到此椰子現剖攤車,停下來買~意外發現老闆發明這把椰子槌,我還建議他去申請專利,因為實在是太有效率了!我去東南亞各國吃椰子~沒看過那麼快速的剖椰子模式,一槌就可以吃到椰子汁。。。老闆以為原理很簡單,看一下那雙尖鐵管構造,就可以子己打造,不以為有何困難,也不需申請... ...全文

  • 永旺中國全麵撤架日本食品 沒有恢復上架時間表

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      央視“3·15”晚會曝光了國內部分食品銷售經營單位銷售日本核輻射區食品等問題,昨日,羊城晚報記者從廣東永旺獲悉,已收到永旺中國的通知,目前已全麵下架來自日本的食品。  據廣東永旺介紹,永旺中國昨日緊急召開會議,決定在中國全麵下架來自日本的進口食品。  該公司官網昨日發布的《“3·15晚會”相關報導的聲明》稱,“永旺... ...全文

  • 日久生情,情需常敘

    meikoo123 發表於 2017-03-17

    我從不相信一見鍾情,只知日久生情;感情沒有天長地久,只有常敘不斷。 我一直這樣認為不管是親情,友情,愛情等一系列的人生感情都沒有一見鍾情,都是靠長時間的交際積累後,才會產生的。 出生就未見的父母的孩子,當他在十幾年後與親生父母相見,在開始時雖說會高興激動,但也不會像一直在父母身邊的孩子與父母之間的情感交流來的直... ...全文

  • God has delivered us

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     God has delivered us!" Pulcheria Alexandrovna muttered, but half consciously, as though scarcely able to realise what had happened.They were all relieved, and in five minutes they were laughing. Only now and then Dounia turned white and frowned Jingling the change in his hand he shook his head... ...全文

  • 洪秀柱籲蔡英文:勿把“司法改革”變“司法文革”

    advanced 發表於 2017-03-16

    洪秀柱籲蔡英文:勿把“司法改革”變“司法文革”(圖片來源:台灣《聯合報》)   據台灣“中央社”報導,中國國民黨主席洪秀柱15日表示,島內的“司法改革”要持續,但不能變成“司法文革”。台灣地區領導人蔡英文擔任“司法改革委員會召集人”,不應跟民粹式言論起舞。   國民黨中常會今天(15日)下午邀請前“司法院副院長”蘇永欽報告... ...全文

  • Suffice it that after a long

    nimeikili 發表於 2017-03-14

    That’s a very true observation, Bunny; it’s also exactly why I so looked forward to tackling him. It ought to be the kind of conflict that the halfpenny press have learnt to call Homeric.”Are you thinking of tomorrow, or of when it comes to robbing Peter to pay Peter?”Excellent, Bunny!” cried R... ...全文

  • room and a dining room to look after

    sioncools 發表於 2017-03-14

    And thus Nana had come into artistic surroundings of the choicest kind and of the most extravagantly various dates. But since the studio, which occupied the central portion of the house, could not be of any use to her, she had upset existing arrangements, establishing a small drawing room on the fir... ...全文

  • 蝠星東來同人[理福]情人節02

    tianmidehuangya 發表於 2017-03-13

      對方是何方神聖?福星緊抓著胸口,低著頭,瀏海遮住了臉,虛渺的看不清是喜是怒。隻有一行清淚順著臉龐緩緩滴下,喜歡了這麼久的是有原來早有心上人?也是….自己隻是個掃把星,怎麼會有人喜歡呢?福星轉過頭來,不再看向令他淚如雨下的畫麵,逕自低著頭往回走,就連撞到人也無心停下來道歉。  “福星?”被撞到珠月揉著微微發疼的... ...全文

  • The Spring evenings are

    nimeikili 發表於 2017-03-09

    I was thinking how fortunate it was that he could not whip you. It is not fair, as you are both so bad-tempered, that one only should get punished VPN Provider .He did not laugh, as another man would have done; but there came into the dark eyes a flash of surprised amusement, such as might have shon... ...全文

  • 我親愛的媽媽

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    媽媽,我親dermes 脫毛愛的媽媽 給我你的溫柔 用你的雙手呵護我疲倦的心 你充滿慈愛的目光 能給我最大的安撫     媽媽,我親愛的媽媽 給我你的鼓勵 用你的嘮叨囑咐的流浪的心 你充滿激光脫毛中心關愛的笑容 能給我生活最大的勇氣     媽媽,我親愛的媽媽 現在的我真的很不知所措 我找... ...全文

  • 即將消失的灶燒文化資產~~

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    高雄市的餐廳小吃使用灶爐燒煮~之前我統計過有6座,這次左營第二市場創建於1925年,將被高雄市府拆除~此市場內有三座灶爐,半數將毀於一旦! ...全文

  • 【台北信義區早餐】真芳碳烤吐司/紅茶牛奶,還有古早味蛋餅,近鬆菸(捷運市政府站)

    chenhaoxuan 發表於 2017-03-08

    【台北信義區早餐】真芳碳烤吐司/紅茶牛奶,還有古早味蛋餅,近鬆菸(捷運市政府站)台北鬆菸附近有名的早餐真芳碳烤吐司,賣碳烤吐司還有紅茶、紅茶牛奶及美式咖啡,主打的碳烤吐司都是店家創意研發的食材組合,這年頭做生意就是要創意、要有自己的風格(笑)。這間真芳碳烤吐司地點位在台北捷運市政府站附近,有次開會經過剛好賣完撲空,趁... ...全文