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I point out that the majority of Futurelearn’s students have been people who already have degrees. Does it matter to Bell that, contrary to the early promises, they haven’t been bringing in new audiences?Students taking undergraduate degree programmes are required to complete Work-Integrated Education (also known as awork integrated learningprogramme) as part of the curriculum requirement.

“Be very suspicious of anyone who has the ‘next big thing’ that is going to transform. higher education,” he responds. “Life is rarely like that. We have reached a lot of the people you describe, but also a lot of people who have just got interested in a particular subject.”

He adds that a lot of the work-oriented Moocs in the health area have been extremely popular. “We’ve been learning about a different way of making academic knowledge available to people who want to use it in bitesize chunks,” he explains.

Cameron, who took the University of Western Australia into the Coursera Mooc platform, thinks that one of the most interesting things to emerge from this experiment is the move by some universities in the US to aggregate these “micro-credentials” so that they count towards a qualification. “I think that’s interesting in the context of how part-time and mature learners will engage with education,” he says.

Vice-chancellors are beginning to understand how the government’s powerful new Office for Students will work.

“The new regulatory framework is designed to open up the system with new providers and different modes of delivery,” Bell says. “But there are elements that might actually disincentivise innovation.” He says that if universities are expected to show that every course is being charged to the student at its actual cost there will be no room to cross-subsidise new ideas or stimulate new choices for studentswset hk .

“Usually the motivations of governments are genuine – to promote diversity and flexibility and so forth,” Cameron agrees. “And usually their actions have the opposite effect.”

“As soon as you have a new framework that is going to measure and regulate a whole range of dimensions and require us to be different I can imagine us all chanting, ‘We are all different’ in the same words. My sense is that legislating for diversity is the worst way to achieve diversity.”

Alec Cameron

What was your first degree and where did you study?
Double degree in science and electrical engineering at the University of Sydney

What is your secret vice?
None that would be secret after answering this

What is your signature dish?
To cook: anything barbecued. To eat: dessert (or anything sweet)

Name three things you love about your university city?
Positive sentiment in the city about Birmingham’s future, a selection of great restaurants, the diversity of the population

What book is on your bedside table?
A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James

What do you want for Christmas? 
Fantastically, less political point-scoring at the expense of universities. Inevitably, socks again hifu?

What did you want to be when you were 18?
A player for the Wallabies (Australian rugby union team)

David Bell

What was your first degree and where did you study?
History and philosophy at the University of Glasgow

What is your secret vice?
Watching “minnow” teams at the very depths of English football

What is your signature dish?
Frejas tuna

Name three things you love about your university city?
The distinctive Reading bricks that characterise many buildings around the town and university, the hidden history of Reading Abbey, Reading FC

What book is on your bedside table?
Munich by Robert Harris

What do you want for Christmas?
A new pair of John White shoes (I love decent shoes!)

What did you want to be when you were 18?
Primary school teacher (after being Scotland’s international goalkeeper)

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