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On a fall day,  the teacher did not comeTechnology Transfer, I would naturally come to the stadium to see your training. But when I had just reached the door, I saw the shop scene. I regret. A woman so beautiful, of course, we have a nosy roommate and I of course knew who she was, the school beauty 'small party'. I turned to go, roommates boyfriend came, he said: "A white, how come you do not go in." I was embarrassed smile: "No, I just remembered, I have something, you this brings Young Ah, I do not go in. "he took it when I ran away. I sent you a text message, I will not be represented in the event at the stadium. Recently busy, no time. After what happened I do not know. I admit I was jealous, but so what, I'm not your girlfriend.

Life has returned to its former calm. Xi Xi rarely roommate told me about you. It seems a while ago as it is a dream I did it. One Saturday afternoon, suddenly the phone. "Hey, how the Xi Xi. What are things I could not say back to the dorm." "A white, you Come Stadium. Xiao Yang a fight with my boyfriend." I quickly hung up the phone, went to the gym, then you have It was opened. . "Xi Xi, how else," Xi Xi cried and said to me: "It is not because of you, my dear when the punching bag." "I am, and I have to do," I am white at her.

"If you want to know, ask yourself the foul Xiao Yang to go." I'm at a loss walkway in front of you, "You face all rightnu skin hk." "How we fight this time you have. Hurry up." I'm not even Introduction to right. "That, ah ~ ~ ~ I do not class this Saturday." "Xi Xi you both a class, how she no class, you will have a lesson." "To you tube ah something all right, all right I'll go back. "I turned to go, you pull me. Silently say the sentence: "It seems quite appropriate." "You're in a dream, or is to beat him silly nonsense to say," You put my hand up and looked at me, then. Raise your hand. I suddenly had a urge to cry. A simple ring quiet worn on my ring finger. "Also you like it?" "What are you ... What do you mean?" Xi Xi suddenly say "silly girl, you really are not generally stupid." I just smiled, did not speak. You're overbearing, said the sentence: "In the future if you do not dare, I'll grab you back."

See you on the court, when we think of the young. Smile, sigh love given day, the fate of man. We spent a happy life in the three quarters. Now I'm still wearing the ring. Before you just simple short hair has been dyed white years gradually. Once handsome face has appeared a section of the gully. I also have not had the green girl. Sound is not sweet, black hair become white hair. The only constant is that the ring on the ring fingerageLOC Me, and the phrase overbearing words.






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