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 But it WAS said, and by more thanone; for Miss Godby told Miss Sparks, that nobody in their senses couldexpect Mr. Ferrars to give up a woman like Miss Morton, with thirtythousand pounds to her fortune, for Lucy Steele that had nothing atall; and I had it from Miss Sparks myself. And besides that, my cousinRichard said himself, that when it came to the point he was afraid Mr.Ferrars would be off; and when Edward did not come near us for threedays, I could not tell what to think myself; and I believe in my heartLucy gave it up all for lost; for we came away from your brother'sWednesday, and we saw nothing of him not all Thursday, Friday, andSaturday, and did not know what was become of him.

Once Lucy thoughtto write to him, but then her spirits rose against that. However thismorning he came just as we came home from church; and then it all cameout, how he had been sent for Wednesday to Harley Street, and beentalked to by his mother and all of them, and how he had declared beforethem all that he loved nobody but Lucy, and nobody but Lucy would hehave. And how he had been so worried by what passed, that as soon ashe had went away from his mother's house, he had got upon his horse,and rid into the country, some where or other; and how he had stayedabout at an inn all Thursday and Friday, on purpose to get the betterof it. And after thinking it all over and over again, he said, itseemed to him as if, now he had no fortune, and no nothing at all, itwould be quite unkind to keep her on to the engagement, because it mustbe for her loss, for he had nothing but two thousand pounds, and nohope of any thing else; and if he was to go into orders, as he had somethoughts, he could get nothing but a curacy, and how was they to liveupon that?--He could not bear to think of her doing no better, and sohe begged, if she had the least mind for it, to put an end to thematter directly, and leave him shift for himself. I heard him say allthis as plain as could possibly be. And it was entirely for HER sake,and upon HER account, that he said a word about being off, and not uponhis own.

I will take my oath he never dropt a syllable of being tiredof her, or of wishing to marry Miss Morton, or any thing like it. But,to be sure, Lucy would not give ear to such kind of talking; so shetold him directly (with a great deal about sweet and love, you know,and all that.

Oh, la! one can't repeat such kind of things youknow)--she told him directly, she had not the least mind in the worldto be off, for she could live with him upon a trifle, and how little soever he might have, she should be very glad to have it all, you know,or something of the kind. So then he was monstrous happy, and talkedon some time about what they should do, and they agreed he should takeorders directly, and they must wait to be married till he got a living.And just then I could not hear any more, for my cousin called frombelow to tell me Mrs. Richardson was come in her coach, and would takeone of us to Kensington Gardens; so I was forced to go into the roomand interrupt them, to ask Lucy if she would like to go, but she didnot care to leave Edward; so I just run up stairs and put on a pair ofsilk stockings and came off with the Richardsons.






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