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And my family's favorite video? Bill Gates. Because the night Pete was diagnosed, he told us that he was going to get ALS in front of philanthropists like Bill Gates, and he did it. Goal number one, check. Now on to the treatment and cure.

So okay, after all of this ice, we know that it was much more than just pouring buckets of ice water over your head, and I really would like to leave you with a couple of things that I'd like you to remember. The first thing is, every morning when you wake upMotor Insurance, you can choose to live your day in positivity. Would any of you blame me if I just was in the fetal position and pulled the covers over my head every day? No, I don't think anybody would blame me, but Pete has inspired us to wake up every morning and be positive and proactive. I actually had to ditch support groups because everybody was in there saying that spraying their lawns with chemicals, that's why they got ALS, and I was like, "I don't think so," but I had to get away from the negativity ORM.

The second thing I want to leave you with is the person at the middle of the challenge has to be willing to have the mental toughness to put themselves out there. Pete still goes to baseball games and he still sits with his teammates in the dugout, and he hangs his gravity feed bag right on the cages. You'll see the kids, they're up there hanging it up. "Pete, is that okay?" "Yup." And then they put it right into his stomach. Because he wants them to see what the reality of this is, and how he's never, ever going to give up.

And the third thing I want to leave you with: If you ever come across a situation that you see as so unacceptable, I want you to dig down as deep as you can and find your best mother bear and go after it girls winter dress online.

I know that I'm running over, but I've got to leave you with this: the gifts that my son has given me. I have had 29 years of having the honor of being the mother of Pete Frates. Pete Frates has been inspiring and leading his whole life. He's thrown out kindness, and all that kindness has come back to him. He walks the face of the Earth right now and knows why he's here. What a gift.

The second thing that my son has given me is he's given me my mission in life. Now I know why I'm here. I'm going to save my son, and if it doesn't happen in time for him, I'm going to work so that no other mother has to go through what I'm going through.

And the third thing, and last but not least gift that my son has given me, as an exclamation point to the miraculous month of August 2014: That girlfriend that he went to get on the night of diagnosis is now his wife, and Pete and Julie have given me my granddaughter, Lucy Fitzgerald Frates. Lucy Fitzgerald Frates came two weeks early as the exclamation point on August 31st, 2014.

And so — (Applause) — And so let me leave you with Pete's words of inspiration that he would use to classmates, coworkers and teammates. Be passionate. Be genuine. Be hardworking  . 






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