like breeze floating water waves

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Momo world of mortals, JuanJuan tenderness, a proverb, paper, and a clear light, the long night of hazy, yellowing poetry volume to depict the track days, half city smoke sand, internally the drift in the eyes.
-- -- -- by far
He night, affectionately actress popular, I will heart outline, graceful and restrained heart, leaving onlyhong kong apartments warm good pleasure.
Court before repair detail for bamboo, yard deep, lean on a corner, alone jade, stretch a roll of mood; Month pinglan, idle see clouds.
Exquisite, fragrant, green ink yiyi, scroll great, unique charm with feelings, alone the spectrum a heart charm. Flute sound, every night not ended, who string streamed MengYing colors? Think think, myriad charm. Stroke of the stone, the other shore flower, but that look forward to in California Fitnessone thousand? Don't sigh a drunken dream for you stupid, because, you are feeling nervous too the United States, so gentle,  patches of ripples, into my heart, so bright, enduring.
Light ink, vanilla, so brush up with anger, shallow thoughts, also draw on a shallow shelf for you. Precious little time past, perhaps is no longer a long waiting for the moon, who is sad will resthe best beauty centreult in the picture?
Drink a cup of fragrant teas, infiltration of heart, but is not the world changing accumulation and dispersion of vicissitudes of life, a small window closed, but neither will be filled with sorrow, inexplicable mood on the bottom of my heart, also do not know if you make for me thin little drops of the cool?






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