The sky and the clouds are going to be

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I remember that I have written such a sentence, for the life of the past and cherish Security system, but also to bring their own into the world of the text and dance. Yes, inadvertently, text take me through obscure age, take me out of the life of the depression and swamp, and snow capped mountains and desert, now of I, mind seems to have already entered the open pastures, in the wind blow grass low see cattle and sheep in the poetic free dwelling. I don't expect please don't ask others to establish reputation as an authority, where I'm going, because the farther than the distance where is the text of the hometown! Our persistent in the pursuit of their own, as text in the heart stirred up waves, making life and spirit combined, make a boundless sea of the heart, and the blue ocean is soul passionate yearning. Where there is life, the release of the emotion is the soul of the low altitude!

Text let me forget age, forget all the unhappy time, in this behind the forgotten, whether it is the memory of the depths of the real environment or forgotten, I am independent of their own. For the text and drunk, for the text and dance, let life through the years of black corridor. A book, a cup of tea and enjoy the leisure time, a pen, a piece of music will simply life into reverie sky DR REBORN, sky, I became a sea bird, in the whisper of the sea or gentle emptied himself and pillow the waves of the sea to search under a open with white flowery reeds.

I granted to the sea love singing, when life along the seawall, beach walking time, blue sea breeze with hot words like a round bright sunrise, red sea sea gave birth to the children. That moment, my heart is completely released such as up full sail all the way along, in terms of Dongpo is also no rain or sunny. Is, over the years, text with I have risked their lives, take me into the past memory, so that I have more solid than material wealth, imagine, years and what a person with scholarly atmosphere or with my hand my heart is worthy to be cherished and memorable than it? Life is a process, in the years of protracted and personally leave the text is left to their own best lyrics. Life has the lyrics, both pathos or gentle, whether quiet or loud, can let the soul as the ocean and prolonged release of the waves DR REBORN.






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