Some people linger

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To dwell with the words, just the dream, endless thoughts in the fingertips flush, writing out each heart lotus. hong kong hotelsVisited the mood for love, hidden in the night, chewed, elaborate at random, in the shallow years time, engraved a Duan Xinyin.
Wrote the letter mark mark, more or less will be forgotten by time, by heart, like some people, some things, but I was Dream beauty pro always, the most brave, is still the clouds scud across, heart pen, enron to town. The wind light, old cold yiyi, a willing to give up, one down, thought everything especially your heart. Have a meaning, understand the state of mind, with the time correct ideas, meet a watchman piety.
Three states in life: to live, life, life. Each state, more or less affected by busy and noisy reality, the struggle. some people confused, some people as usual to the leisurely life. In either state, in the process of life constantly arriving, just wake up, as long as quiet, just hope in mind. In this life, deja vu, it's different. This time, do not replace, do not copy, not again. Unique life time, every season is colored, I have known, it is to enrich their life.
From Dream beauty pro time light turn, time flies, a few years, shallow weak smile. I know, all this situation related to the mood. With once, that is perseverance, eager to grow in the heart to dance, at your fingertips. The so-called forever, how far is it? Mountains, NianYi leisurely, drift and added a sad, what for?






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