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Some people say that fetal education, I do not know what is the basis. Taiwan, a news report, the researchers found that when people use hair dryerhong thai travel, the child will be quiet down, the study found that the child in the mother's stomach is the voice of the. Advocates of prenatal care use the player play music in the mother's belly, said that enables children to accept the influence of music, in the mother's belly in noisy voice is not can enjoy the wonderful music, I don't know, I don't want to know. But I know that music can make mother's mood to relax and tense mother mood will upset the fetal, the mother's voice can be transmitted through the bones of the blood of fetal ear ossicles. That is to say mother mood anytime, anywhere can affect the fetus, which is also my cranky without any proof of theory and practice.

Children born, they will look around the eyeshong thai travel, adults cry, the child will turn to look for the source of sound.

Opportunity to come, since the child's brain is a warehouse, is a computer is waiting for the installation of data, why we do not have the opportunity to do something. Anyway, the children also have nothing to do, his task is to drink milk to sleep, wake up we can begin.

Children are not going to listen to youhong thai travel, world music, each national language of music and reading, home all the members of the conversation, of uninterrupted turns in the bombing, referred to here as the voice said the sound volume is very low. The environment is a bit of a bit noisy listen to the voice.






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