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It was a love letter, written in my name, her name, and my love.

I am running, along with the footprint of the wind, followed by, I regardless of how tired, never and wind oHKUE DSE pen spacing makes me regret, it is best to force it angrily tore, how could I let a strange it see I write the content....

But if it will tear it, but that is fully loaded with my feelings for her missing, that was a letter was not sent to the letter, like a not yet open cold flower, how can I bear to let it withered in a moment?

Think I slowed down the pace of the chase, the wind is still running, like a child stealing, joy can not stop.

Looking at the wind away, I hHKUE DSE ave the heart of fear, again to mention the foot, but already tired...

I carry a heavy pace to climb on the top of the mountain, has been tired to a place, the wind is still not stop with my love letter, far away.

I am helpless forward out of the body, I suddenly found, I have not felt in the cliff, I can't go on.

The wind is still far away, but it will fly in,, I miss the sky. With...

I seem to see it in reading, but also deHKUE ENG liberately very loud, mouth out of bad laugh.






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