The badger smiled affectionately

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More and more she was coming to trust Matthias's natural skill as a leader and tactician. "Don't fret, Brother Alf. Whatever it is, you can bet your habit it'll be an original Matthias gem. That young mouse has got more in his head than a pile of acorns."

Brother Alf looked out at the still form. in the grass. "It may be too late. Ambrose isn't even twitching. Look, he's not rolled up in a ball anymore."

Further speculation was curtailed by the appearance of Matthias. With him were half a dozen moles.

Their leader glanced out at the hedgehog. He scratched some hasty calculations on the wall with his claw, then turned to Matthias. "Oi I think we can get yon 'edgepig back, sur. You'm get us outen the gate and stan' watch."

Turning to his team, the Foremole (for that was his official title) began discussing tunnel width, coupled with reverse prickle drag, forward traction and all the other specialist details that are routine to the average qualified tunnel-mole.

Matthias whispered to Constance and Brother Alf, "Fore-mole and his crew are first class at rescue work. They've often rescued burrowers from cave-ins. All we have to do is stand guard by the south-east wicket gate until they're safely back."

"Right. What are we waiting for? Let's go," said the badger.






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