She tore diary into thin strip

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Young, bright and warm in the afternoon, she will stand in the window of his house, loudly shouted his name. Then he would from Windows out small head to answer her: "wait a minute, 3 minutes!" But she usually wait more than five minutes, because he will hide behind the curtains, looked at her under a tree in full flower flower a few the pear flower on the tree. When he saw can't distinguish which is a flower, which is her, will slowly go downstairs. She saw him, will say that you are late again. Then they started to play house, she is my mom, he is a father, but no children. She tore down petals into a thin, for your own little husband cook to eat.

In high school, she agreed with him every morning at 7:00 in the corner of the shop to meet for breakfast. She is always punctual in the inside place, called two Fried dough sticks. 7:10 points later, he dragged his black bag in some cold light. The expression of laziness. Sometimes on the face wipe clean toothpaste foam faintly visible. She saw him, will say that you are late again. Then he sat down to eat breakfast. She put his dirty bag in her lap. She tore massive Fried dough sticks into thin, served with hot soya-bean milk drink for him.

High school graduation ceremony on that day, they went to a wedding dress shop. She refers to a set of wedding dress and said to him, so she could like that dress. He look at that set of wedding dress, it is not white, but the dark blue. Blue a bit odd, some sad, like a bride a man standing in the church, the moonlight fell on her face is like a flower, shed a drop of tear in his eye. Then he told her softly: "waiting for you to marry me that day, I bought it to you."

University they separated, when she called to ask his letter to arrive when, he often answer her about 3 days later. And she received a letter, 7 days have passed. So she will be in on the package in the reply of fresh rose petals, and then wrote, you are late again.  in a letter sent in the past. She thought if he carefully put the pieces together, you can read her in the middle of the night of his thoughts.

After graduation, they have their own work. One day he said to see her, so simple she made up for the first time, and hurried to the station. She looked at the empty railway, thought it was some lonely rail, when the train walking on it, does it make a cry of despair. The train for an hour later than scheduled time. She saw him become more handsome than in the past, only in the eyes of a points less lazy. Then she saw his side have a smiling face such as flower of woman, he introduced his fiancee that is. She just said, you are late again. That night, she wrote a letter to tear him to be thin, let a gentle flame gently licking their body.






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