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To cherish you can have only, it is the last of purity
Those in our life, not always make us feel valuable. Or have lost the will make us feel valuable.
Remember once had a class meeting lesson Mask House , theme is "what do you think is the most precious thing."  class of all kinds. Some say love, love, others say it's money, power, etc. When I answered "freedom" are the teacher shook his head. He didn't say nothing.
Later I found that teacher again, said the most precious thing in this world is "get lost." Teacher or shook his head hong kong hotel , smiled and touched my head. At that time I already feel answer was right, just don't understand what he meant.
By two pieces of peach blossoms in my mind. Where clean, ancient Mask House , easygoing, no pollution, we love each other. Don't have to worry about fickle, late, and grandpa MAO. Who then hold hands around her slowly grow up.






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