just like the air around me

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Clocks and watches of moonlight while moving west, to find dark...

Can't help, you will get into the slow and flexible pendulum, stick on the wall design, quietly with fixed dance, sing the song of permanent, transform. time in the quiet little room, somewhat monotonous and boring, it is indispensable in the ring Cloud Management Solution , is can't refuse and stop the metabolism in life, will the past scene scene to emerge, clear and true like that, that linger, swing of alone, like in an ancient story, like be like after tasting the unique night fragrance in the air, more like like in music have a fly with no relevant part, but don't know my mood, just in the swing of the resurrection.

Long stare, gazing at you once, silently gazing at, let me calm in your gaze, breathing the midnight dream.

Blue sky, but not write down the scenery alone, the pendulum, the passage of life in the expansion of the lonely and insipid, steady tone, not in a simple melody, forgetting our commitment to each other, pass my mind to quiet moonlight outside the window, in each a beautiful night, comparative ease of the pendulum.

Turn around, is the formation of a story.

Meditation, it is a story of the virtual shadow Implant .

Every night, because of your existence, exist in my mind, slowly flowing into my dream, let I no longer suffer from insomnia, not sleep in insomnia, not in the insomnia, forget yourself, and my dream was like peas and carrots.

Dreams are distant, because after wake up, everything will disappear in the absence of, no matter how wonderful dream, what a real dream, whether it is repeated many times the dream, disappear in the eyes of a moment, will become a forget smoke. Dream is near, because in the dream is so clear and so accurate, including every detail, as if the influence of the script. in the eye.

Heart melodies loops, cloud light sing.

A breeze Que graceful and restrained, gradually dizzy the qing shadow in May. May the sky, as if crescent lake, blue will let people love dearly. The flow of water, may start the heart of the ocean. The nobility of may, on the quiet dermes , mysterious and clear breath.






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