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Time is pressing, they hurried to school together. Points in a class, a bedroom. Every day together, learn a lot with each other, care for each other. And liang shan bo also feel very congenial with herEnterprise Server Hosting, there is a feeling of the start, seems to be between before her, her face, her smile, her figure, her cherry mouth, let him can't forget. So, they often talk about poetry fu, together look after each other, innocent playmates. That spring, peach blossom in full bloom, catkin fluttering in the air. Both of them become sworn brothers, vowed to toward evening, seize the day together. All the time,.

College life is very comfortableyou find limited, or fencing, or riding and shooting, or listen to the teacher says. To dance since morning, dusk and read hundreds of books. At that night, the academy,  set to save, trapped in the fire to each other, everybody is very anxious, two people huddled together, without fear. Rescued when also can't separate, three days and three nights, only each other out of danger. From then on, two people close, ever.

That, two people with two mountains, rain, running in the mountains, and have to find a hut. Turned out to be a farmhouse, self-sufficient, have been together to old. In the farm, they took off his wet clothes and put on clothes for the wedding. Although the clothes are farmers through the son and daughter-in-law, but two people put on the fitting. They eat simple food, lay down on a piece of bed, waiting time goes by, moonlight passed on the windowsill.

Still have that time, English set by thieves away, into the riverthe beauty, the life is in danger. Just SanBo, jumped into the water and saved English set, many treatment to recover. These details, often think of, English set the in the mind is very happy.






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